Our Impact

AfroTheory Foundation

Turning fashion into opportunities:

AfroTheory is more than fashion - we believe in creating opportunities for underserved communities. That's why we are proud to donate ⅓ of our profits to charitable organizations supporting child education and small business owners. 


1. Supporting child education

We are proud to support and sponsor children's education and wellbeing in areas we operate. Whether it’s paying school tuition, purchasing books and other supplies. AfroTheory believes in the youth and strives to create opportunities for growth.

2. Providing relief

We help aspiring entrepreneurs in Lagos, Nigeria launch and sustain their own small businesses by offering grants to fund capital expense and/or gifting machinery to help their business grow.


3. Fighting poverty

AfroTheory is a humanitarian organization, we provide food, living essentials and sometimes cash to help the homeless population in areas we operate. Follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on our latest charitable activities. 

Our Story

AfroTheory was founded by Francis Ukpolo in 2019, although the groundwork for the brand began that year, the launch date was derailed due to the 2020 global pandemic. 
Since the inception of AfroTheory, our mission has always been to make an impact in underserved communities as well as to promote African culture, designs, and craftsmanship. Our materials are sourced from Nigeria and made by hand from start to finish. The designs utilize craftsmanship from various regions of Nigeria from handwoven leather bags to hand-dyed Adire fabric, and cotton spun into fine yarns.